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D Sisive - Jac

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D Sisive - Jac

Текст песни: D Sisive - Jac

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D Sisive - Jac

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My number one priority`s lost in the game of life
cause death was dominant
It`s prominent that I`m losing my touch beacuse my confidence
Consists of zero motivation the frustration
Be taking the best of me...Losing the chemistry
I once possessed rest assure the focal point`s the metaphor
From J.A.C. her words of wisdom was always the best of cures
In rough times I`d follow her routes receive the tips
And when I took the risk it seemed that rough times never existed...
In my memory, avoided the density and the felonies
And questioned the... "Why was this angel sent to me?"
It was never understood clearly...The consipracy theory
Left thoughts weary and eyes constantly tearly
From the loss that was faced, my property was defaced
From the relization that she could never be replaced
By any other, to others, they`d all be running for cover
But the opposite was witnessed from my mother
Instead she stood her ground and fought, round for round and brought
The insparation that was caught by myself, that surely taught
That the posotive always rise and shady ones are dispised
I`m seeing it with my eyes, so it ain`t really a surprise that...
Only the storng survive, and the weak always demise
But why is it the good ones always have to die?
...I`ll try to sleep tight,
despite the fact I guess I`ll never see the light...

* Hook * (X2)
I`m feeling pressures the most at night times
when I lay back and close my eyes
And realize simply how much you`ve been there for me
It ain`t to see, but soul searching keeps me awake at diffrent times
To reconize how much you really mean to me...J.A.C.

In a retrospect state,
I vision all my respect escalate into the highest rate...
But the state of mind that I was placed in, subtracted from the rasing
Of myself into a grown man for an unknown span of time
I slowly felt I was losing my mind and then entering adulthood blind
Without the guidance that you once selected,
after proceeding to reflect it...
Stayed imbedded within my brain...Time and time again
I strained my vision to see things clearly, but abstract blurs
Conqured my life facts severely
While suffering was mearly the side effects
We gave our best to elongate or avoid the permanent rest
"But it was only a test" Then the days of life became less
Due to infectious breasts, that risked the threat...Leaving defects
On your physical frame,
cause you were playing a losing game with nobody to blame
But your will to maintain...Never lost a single second of life
And left us with the posotive attitude that you`d survive through
the night
But our perspective could not always be right
My body grew tight when the phone rang constantly on the expected night
On November two-nil when my emotions spilled
Cause I heard you had to face your passing, then the world turned still
And I totally lost my surviving will,
to experience the best face death and realize that it`s for real
Could never steal the appeal from memories that were lavishly attacking me
But still I passivly erased all the feelings from the damaged fee
Selected normally, and tried not to vision what the manics see
It seemed like yesterday when we were singing songs by David Cassidy
Along with our entire life together passing me by like Pharcyde
While I`m bucking up for the ride
Basic intentions try to strive for goals you offred motivation for
Destinations were reached through formations of my speech
Boosting me for the reach therfore I have to impeach
From 51 to 97, I`m posotive you`re let in
That unconqured land that lies behind the gates of heaven
Beacuse we stuck by our word "Til death do us part"
And since I`m not seeing you phisically, you reside in my heart J.A.C.
...I`ll try to sleep tight,
despite the fact I guess I`ll never see the light...

*Hook * (X2)
D Sisive - Jac

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D Sisive - Jac

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