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Z-Ro - Sunshine

Видеоклип к песне Sunshine - Z-Ro

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Z-Ro - Sunshine

Текст песни: Z-Ro - Sunshine

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Z-Ro - Sunshine

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No more letters to the President, this one is to Jehovah
What was born into the world as a Christian, now becomes a soldier
I`m pimping a pen from living in sin, so niggaz like my song
Chef Ro-V up in the kitchen, so these cluckers like my stones
Mo City Texas that`s my home, but I`m known to be a loner
Never no witness to this crime, when I`m creeping the fuck up on you
1 by 1 and a cigarette, maybe Newport shorts and a box of possibly Kool
Just a nigga do anything to get paid, they say I`m a god damn fool
I conversate with mama, but she can`t answer me back
I`m in a world one deep missing that lady, cause that cancer did that
It got a nigga looking for a wife, but most of these hoes be living shife
Wait till a nigga get paid then get leid, and try to take a nigga life
I just can`t take no more my heart is broke, and it got too many cracks
Any woman I love don`t need a pistol, cause she be killing me with that
So look into my eyes, and please tell me what you see
Will they open the pearly gates for me, I wanna be free

[Hook - 2x]
I wonder if the sun shines, on the other side
Cause I bet my mama, ain`t seen a rainy day since she died
And maybe being gone, ain`t all that bad
It`s gotta be better than wasting time, with a pen and a pad

Living in poverty, ain`t part of the plan
So I`m on the corner, hustling with work in my hand
I know my mama, wouldn`t approve of my lifestyle
But see I must get it the way I live, and that`s right now
My nigga my credit`s fucked up, so I can`t put nothing in my name
Let alone I`m having hard times, maintaining some change
I`m so familiar with anger, smoking B can`t even stop the pain
I walk assured, God please stop the rain
While I`m fiending for heaven, seem like hell is what I`m living
For my destiny`s to die, or forever walk the prison floor
How can I be a man, 24 with no home
I`m putting the piece to your dome, and leaving it like the ozone
A cold cold world, that we living in
Killas`ll take your life, and it ain`t gotta be about no divid-ends
Forgive me for my sins, I`m just trying to make it
Trying to keep my pistol from my head, cause I just can`t take it

[Hook - 2x]

I wonder if the Lord, is gonna show me some compassion
Or will I be victim to motherfuckers, when they blasting
Having flashbacks of `94, with bullets to the back
Cause my homies left me lonely, now my partna is my strap
Living everyday like it`s my last one, so I`m tripping
Keep my finger on the trigga nigga, everytime I`m flipping
I don`t wanna be another face, on a T-shirt
So when motherfuckers bring the drama, me and Nina burst
Know I need to be in church, but I`m trapped out on the block
Pumping rock after rock, God please make it stop
I`m a victim of the struggle, trying to make my life easy
But it ain`t what I expected, it`s hectic it`s sleezy
I`m on my knees daily, asking God to stop the pain
Dealing with all this damn strain, see my pistol see my brain
About to take my final stand, I`m a man in his own mind
Steady hurting, but I hope I heal in time

[Hook - 2x]

Z-Ro - Sunshine

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Z-Ro - Sunshine

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