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Z-Ro - Pain

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Z-Ro - Pain

Текст песни: Z-Ro - Pain

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Z-Ro - Pain

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Pain, my middle name
Lord please have mercy on my soul, I can`t maintain
Pain, my middle name
Lord please have mercy on my

I haven`t smoked a sherm in 27 days
When I`m under pressure, I feel it`s necessary to blaze
Looking at my life as if I wasn`t here, why the fuck that picture be so clear
Since my nigga died, I done slowed down on drank
But I`m right back heavy on beer
Stained finger tips and lips, cause smoking come with murders
Fiending for heaven but I wonder, if I`m worthy
Please God forgive your servant, and your man child
But the fact that he got Jordans, and a nigga like me
Grow po` wings was bullshit, so I ran wild
Wasn`t I good enough, to get some shit like that
It was only a grade, you know I didn`t deserve to get hit like that
My life my life, falls under the wicked and shife
I gotta pay my rent, therefor my partnas might be targets tonight
Even though I`m grown fucked up childhood, keep fucking my dome
Fuck around and front, like I`m gon
Buy your work, and straight leave on your song
If a nigga take me out it`s all good, cause I`ve been fiending to leave
My life is fucked up, and I`m tired of having to drink to a G

Pain, my middle name
I must learn to live again, but existing in such a strain
Pain, my middle name
Lord please have mercy on my soul, I can`t maintain

Now I done had pistols to my head befo`
Woke up with a dead body, in a bed befo`
Don`t ask me why, only talk to Z-Ro
I`m noid, never trust friends they don`t love us
They front like they your homies, but they bury motherfuckers
Dog I`m going through it daily, fiending for a killa to take me out
What am I living for, nothing but a record label huh break me out
I`m so sick and tired Lord knows, I`m sick and tired of this pain
But steady keeping the world, I`m no preaching through the rap game
The most evilest niggas nightmares, of my fondest dream
Cause death rules everything around me and the cream, is a cup of lean
Having a case of flashbacks, of the good time
But then I remember, it wasn`t no good time
Just poverty stricken, and kicking it in the hood time
24 and I still can`t think, from Guerilla Maab to Point Blank
To Big Moe to Z-Ro, and still no bank
I gotta be paying dues, for my niggas that lost they life in the game
Cause the more I struggle for happiness, nothing but pain


Dorothy Marie or mama, I`ve been stressed, learning to live
A life of misfortune, my feet have been so swollen from my quest
I`d like to find the meaning of sick and tired
Plus I can`t determine between a bitch and right
Even my friends are fake, that`s why I`m quick to ride
I`m the shit bitch, I know you smell the odor
Them other two niggas ain`t bitches, and it`s had a chip on my shoulder
I love my cousin and my brother mayn, but see it ain`t nothing but drama
When you live in a slum, across the street from the gutter mayn
I`m `pose to be a rap star, dig these blues a nigga ain`t
Seen the states in two months, I`m in the kitchen as a crack star
What a wonderful way, to spend my fucking album release
A promotional show, and I must get do` nigga I got ounces to cheese
Ounces of green, I got mouths to feed so I need G`s
Plus my own shit the T.V. in the living room, is Mexican D`s
Gotta be paying dues, for my niggas that lost they life in the game
More I struggle for happiness, nothing but pain


Z-Ro - Pain

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Z-Ro - Pain

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