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Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

Видеоклип к песне II Many Niggaz - Z-Ro

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Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

Текст песни: Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

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Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

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[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
When will it ever stop all this hatin and droppin salt
all I`m tryna do is live lavish with millions in my vault
now from selling crack on the corner I`m tryna do it legal
but I guess it ain`t no pleasin my people cause everything I do
feel like somebody tellin me I want suceed
but I`m a millionaire and I owe it all to the hatred I recieved
motherfuckers that use to be down, ain`t down no mo`
my true partners just can`t be found no mo`
there fore my motto is `Fuck Friends`-my only dogg is Benjamin Franklin
tryna take him away from me you gon` wind up stankin`
I gotta family to feed so currencies what I need
but the people I break bread with would rather see me bleed
tryna take all of my fortune but my fame is forever
and S.U.C I`m a claim it forever and I`m still down with the yella
so fuck all of these bitches and bitch ass fella`s
and fuck a 4, it`s a PT, glock 50, foes is jealous nigga

[Chorus: Z-Ro]
2 many niggas tryna take me off of my game (take me off of my game)
a nigga from the hood didn`t live so good
now they all wanna jock my fame (all wanna jock my fame)
when I`m comin down in my foreign
and I`m rollin one-deep that should tell ya about me (S.U.C.)
I don`t give a damn about none of you hoes
I blast on site cause I ain`t trippin no more

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
As soon as them eyes close it`s over and that`s that
`cause when they murdered my partner he didn`t get to blast back
is that the price to pay just to have nice things?
and it`s my life in danger because I have ice mayne
it`s ashame can`t even sport our jewerly like we wanna
cause everytime we shine them jackers tryna creep up on us
catchin pistol case, after pistol case, ridin dirty
Mr. Officer I`m not a killer just wanna see thirty
cause boys be against me when I roll alone
I get full of demon repplings when I`m holdin on
I`m tryna make it, with this gangsta shit I ain`t gon` fake it
anything a nigga earned, I`ll be damned if a nigga take it
now days the ghetto version of Spundalay
a nigga will run up in ya residents with the undelay, cold hearted
just to get they fetti, bustin brains for a living
disrespecting God`s children bitch you made for a prison


[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
Too many motherfuckers so I`m a hate everybody I can hate
and I don`t give a fuck about nothin`
fuck-a-nigga, fuck-a-bitch let me get that straight
ain`t no love I`m not ya blood or ya cuz nigga, bitch I`m a loner
I`m a asshole by nature you can get with that, or leave it at this bitch
the only company I need is weed
and since I`m nervous by nature I`m a make you bleed indeed
I trust nothing-if I get a funny feeling I`m gon` be bustin`
plus if my blood rushing it`ll be more then a concussion
from my hitch I see these red dots gonna cover you`re brain
nigga I got problems I can`t cope-with murder scene to keep me sane
one love, to my nigga Moe, and one love to my nigga Redd
and one love, to my mothafuckin bread I`m a get that!

[Chorus till end]

Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

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Z-Ro - II Many Niggaz

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