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Z-Ro - Help Me Please

Видеоклип к песне Help Me Please - Z-Ro

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Z-Ro - Help Me Please

Текст песни: Z-Ro - Help Me Please

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Z-Ro - Help Me Please

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[Chorus: Z-Ro singing]
Help me please
I`m blinded by my tears and I just cain`t see
So many devils tryin to recycle my soul
Cause in the ghetto where I`m from ain`t no flies in the groves
Just niggaz and hoes
Send me a sign
Just to let a nigga know that he been on ya mind

Hmm, shit just be so fucked up out here in these streets mayne
You feel me? Straight up
This is the sea of life, and I`m drownin
I know I can swim, but feel like I keep sinkin down in
these waters and I cain`t breathe, I feel like I`m gon` blow it
I can see people holdin a life jacket but they won`t throw it
Entertained by my struggle and they`d love to see me die
Why not love to see me live instead of helpin my family cry?
Like a homeless person with a sign, I would work for food
Ain`t no shame in bein helpless it`s a part of payin dues
On an everyday mission tryin to collect 5`s and 10`s
So many worries I promise my bones show right through my skin
Fancy cars and a mansion? That ain`t never been my goal
A hooptie would be fine, plus somewhere warm when it`s cold
I know what it feel like, not to be able to call the shots
Have a pen but no time to connect, all the dots
Therefore I do what I can do and then get down on my knees
Cause I can`t make it by my lonely, Jesus help a nigga please


Yeah, much love to everybody doin time
Up in {?} state jail, you dig
Seem like soon as I`m findin happiness the joy`s gone
Kickin it with Steve Francis, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones
I waited my whole life to be somebody
But now I`ve gotta get a visit just to see somebody
I`m in this all white, reminscin all night, `bout my cousin Trans
Wreakin havoc in this rap game, so it`s alright
Grandmother and my Auntie gettin everything they need
Trae your name`s all in my eyesight, a true friend in need
While I`m waitin for heaven, I see hell and smell the flames
God send Abraham to quickly snatch me from this pain
I don`t really wanna die, just need a, change of scenery
I done see too many killings just like my vision is mean to me
And my eyes don`t like me, and my soul wanna leave
I`m persecuted daily by my friends it ain`t easy
I do what I can do and then get down on my knees
I have so many enemies, Lord would you help me please


Nigga fuck Precinct 5, nigga and fuck Officer Thornton Berry
Punk-ass bitches, uhh
Tryin to survive for me, is like chasin the wind
You know you ain`t never gon` catch it so why bother lettin yo` knees bend
I try to stay around some realness, brothers and sisters holla if you feel this
If hurt and misery is who you chill with
Mo City my hood it forever be my block
Never thought I`d see the day it`d hand me over to the cops
Where the love from my homeboys, I love y`all too
I was the tugboat to ya problems cause I drug y`all through
Just one question dawg, how could you do me like that? I took your family in
I put some cash in ya pocket, made you a man again
But now it`s like you never knew me
Wouldn`t take the fall for y`all so now y`all wanna do me
I made it up out the hood and I ain`t comin back
Unless I`m brangin Lil` Boss to get a hundred sack
Nigga I`m gon` do what I`m gon` do and then get down on my knees
And make a couple of G`s, but in God name, help a nigga to succeed

Z-Ro - Help Me Please

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Z-Ro - Help Me Please

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