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X-Raided - Misanthropy

Видеоклип к песне Misanthropy - X-Raided

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X-Raided - Misanthropy

Текст песни: X-Raided - Misanthropy

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X-Raided - Misanthropy

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Предложение действительно для Российских операторов.
First Verse:

I`m givin` it to you old school style, no album cover gimmicks,
No intros, no shout outs, nothin` but straight lyrics,
If you in your car buckle up,
But if you don`t like what I`m sayin` when you see me knuckle up,
No studio gangsta stories or tall tales full of fiction,
I`m spittin` the life of a nigga that`s full of indecision,
Don`t know which way to go,
At the crossroads,
It`s time to elevate the game,
Cuz they spit the same ol` same,
Cuz a nigga done grew up,
Through some shit that`ll make the average nigga fold up,
Thought I had it sowed up,
But hold up, you know what?
I realized the World wouldn`t give a fuck whether I`m here or not,
And that`s contrary to all that other madness that you hear a lot,
Ain`t no bigger figures, just us niggas,
Sometimes they give us action,
This shit is crashin` back to Earth like Michael Jackson,
It don`t matter how much scrilla,
You got, you still a nigga,
They either assassinate your character, frame ya, or they kill you,
I don`t blame you, if you don`t feel the, game I wrote,
We`ve been brainwashed, unconscious prisoners ever since we left the boat,
Subliminal messages from bands to reject this shit,
But they can`t hide the truth no matter what they try to do,
My judgment day is everyday,
Fuck what they say,
And make `em pay,
Grab your H.K., and dragon slay,
And make a day,
Would you rather ride or stay a puppet?
In the ghetto makin` crumbs, why they makin` scrilla by the bucket,
But fuck it,
To each his own,
But to me it`s on,
Fuck the chest, forget the vest, I`m aimin` for enemy domes,
Cuz only the strong, survive, one life to live,
Let us around,
What`s that sound? It`s goin` down


Fuck all y`all,
Fuckin` with my mind,
Until you all fall,
Fuckin` with my mind,
You can`t understand yours,
Now can you understand my,

Second Verse:

I did four hundred years in Hell,
Now they tryin` to give me twenty-five to life in the cell,
Got`cha boy on the run and if they catch me it`s over,
Rollin` in a Nova,
Three-fifty packin` a forty-caliber Mag importer,
Declarin` war, on the system,
Askin` for help, but the muthafuckas didn`t listen,
They tried to get killed, but now they label me a killer,
You lived by the scroll, but you gone die by the scrilla,
Neither of you can see the pain in my eyes, fuck a disguise,
I wear it on my shoulder like a bass,
Causin` casualties like M*A*S*H,
Been a soldier in the truest sense,
Born and raised in a war zone, it`s always on,
And you can die in an instant,
As infants grow up to be convicts,
Knew how to shoot a gun since the age of six,
Little lunatic,
Papa didn`t wanna raise a punk,
Beat`cha til` you hate it, his ass grew up and beat`cha while you ride punk,
I`m unapproachable, can`t nobody tell me shit,
I got my mind made up, fuck a psychiatrist,
I don`t need nobody tryin` to tell me what I`m thinkin`,
The ghetto is stuck on quicksand and it`s sinkin`, it`s goin` down

[Voice Taped From A Speech]
We are peaceful people,
We are loving people,
We love everybody who loves us,
We`re non-violent with people who are non-violent with us,
We are NOT non-violent with ANYONE, who is violent with us


Third Verse:

>From day one the odds was against me,
Nate one have love for a nigga, so the Devil tried to tempt me,
To loc up, revolt, rebel,
Said "You might as well,
You already, livin` in Hell"
I got, somethin` in my soul tellin` me "Nigga this shit ain`t right",
The Lord never answered, but I prayed with all my might,
So fuck waitin` patient, it`s a virtue I don`t have,
I got money on my mind and I want my shit in cash,
Fuck a forty acre and a mule,
I want everything that you owe me, it`s time to pay your dues,
I was used, and abused, for centuries,
But when they mention warfare, they never mentioned me,
But can you picture me?
On top of the World? Runnin` shit with a major attitude,
Madder than that prophet bitch,
With a clip full of shit,
Tearin` your ass to pieces, when the trigger releases,
You`re deceased and you got them P.D`s, D.A`s, judges and polices,
Peep the thesis,
We gets, hot like volcanic lava,
I`m down to slide a niggas drama,
Speedin` shit up like some java,
Fuck a comma,
It don`t pause, I`m steady unloadin`,
Unstoppable nigga the glock goes plop-plop on that ass,
And suckers steady foldin`,
I`m hatin` men like the lesbians,
Always down for drama doin` shit just thesbian,
Only love my Mama, traumatize your ass with the quick,
Better come prepared if you try to ride or try to diss my clique,
It`s goin` down nigga

Chorus (2x)

X-Raided - Misanthropy

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X-Raided - Misanthropy

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