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X-Raided - Land of the Lost

Видеоклип к песне Land of the Lost - X-Raided

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X-Raided - Land of the Lost

Текст песни: X-Raided - Land of the Lost

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X-Raided - Land of the Lost

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First Verse:

Many muthafuckas didn`t make it,
Other niggas locced up cuz they couldn`t take it,
The ghetto got it`s claws in my back tryin` to keep a nigga down,
I`m cryin` out for help, but help ain`t nowhere to be found,
So what can I do?
Pursue other avenues to get revenues,
Tryin` not to be the next boy on the Channel 3 ten o` clock news,
Facin` interrogation, fuck an explaination,
It`s time for declarations with exclaimations,
I`m sick and tired of muthafuckas in my business,
All up in my mix like sugary Kool-Aid worried about who I paid,
And who I didn`t, I`m tired of spittin` happy raps,
I`m ready for representin`,
My fifty collar clips spit happy caps,
It`s gettin` hard to be a G, P.D. wanna see me rot
In the penetenairy doin` centuries OH MY GOD!
What do I do? Where can I go? What can I say?
I`m in the Land, of the Lost, with no escape


Stuck in a whirlpool gettin` drug down,
We was four deep but I`m the only one now,
How long will I last before I fall off?
Runnin`, for my life, in the land of the lost
Stuck in a whirlpool gettin` drug down,
We was four deep but I`m the only one now,
How long will I last before I fall off?
Runnin`, for my life, in the land of the lost

Second Verse:

Christmas missed us again,
Poppa robbed 7-11 so now he sittin` in the pen,
Ain`t no presents up under the tree for me,
No toys to enjoy, cuz Mama`s unemployed,
Your boy had to face reality at an early age,
StepDad beatin` on Mama cuz he had a bad day
The drama was thicker than Hill Street Blues,
Wanted to get a .22 and buck him, so you can see it on the news
Now my shoes was holey, pants was old,
Birthdays was fucked up, all I got was clothes,
A lil` Bebe kid, young Pro-Wing sporter boy,
Wearin` turtlenecks, and thick-ass corderouys,
Never got along in Junior High, got bagged on, beat down,
Hoes laughed at me,
But I tried to be cool, I tried to fit in,
But then I said "Fuck it!"
and started comin` to school with a Mack-10,
Got a nigga for his Nikes and his Starter coat,
I got another for his bike, got another for his loccs,
Robbed the same 7-11 as Poppa,
I went and bought a coat down, and some khaki suits, now I`m proper,
Blocc ah-, filliated at only fourteen,
I`m doin` what I want and can`t nobody say a thing,
And it seems like I`m out of control,
I don`t know where I`m headed, the Land of the Lost got my soul


Third Verse:

My Mama said there would be days like these,
The Ghetto on my back beatin` me down to my knees,
Disease, infected,
Children, neglected,
Everywhere I look, I don`t see nothin` but crooks,
I rejected, the knowledge that my Mama tried to give,
I told her "It`s my life and I`m the one that`s gotta live",
Mistaken prone, thinkin` I`m grown, doin` whatever I wanna,
Nigga`s on his own, all alone, no one in my corner,
I got a job at Dairy Queen servin` double burgers,
Moonlightin` as a Bloccer servin` double murders,
My first check was only fifty bucks,
So fuck Dairy Queen, I got back on my the scene,
And stacked some real green,
But opportunies is limited, it`s either sell drugs or fast food,
And you know which one I choose,
Cuz it`s win, lose, or draw, in sickness, in health
It`s [1.5 second pause] represent the turf,
Cuz don`t nobody else give a fuck,
The only love I ever felt, came from the homies and myself,
I want wealth, and power, no matter what the cost,
That`s all that`s on my mind, in the Land, of the Lost


Stuck in the whirlpool....

X-Raided - Land of the Lost

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X-Raided - Land of the Lost

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