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X Raided - Mortal Kombat

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X Raided - Mortal Kombat

Текст песни: X Raided - Mortal Kombat

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X Raided - Mortal Kombat

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We got a price on ya head
Baller Niggaz wanna see ya dead
It`s a fifty g contract
I don`t know what you did
But they wanna kill you ya wife
And ya kids on contact

We got a price on ya head
Baller Niggaz wanna see ya dead
It`s a fifty g contract
I don`t know what you did
But they wanna kill you ya wife
And ya kids Mortal Kombat

[Verse One]
Close ya eyes and envision what the scene was
Hit a nigga with an AR-15 slug
And then I grab the loot
We had to shoot
Cause he was lookin at a nigga with a mean mug
And the theme was we was in kahoots
He played games shot his ass dead in the brain
Had the liquor red fluid
Was a bitch and I knew it
When it came down to it he was scared to bang
that nigga dared the game
to get his ass with his actions
Been through it many times before
He was down to side
But how many of them niggaz
really gonna be down to ride when it`s time to roll
Ain`t got no time for distractions
Money over bitches
cause them hoe`s ain`t nuthion but some agravators
Unnessary temptations
Instagatin` situations
by makein hoes swell up like activator
My nigga jumped out the lincoln Navigator
packin more heat it`s the Cash And Tango
Dot-Dog hit the corner with the infared
on you in the blue 99 dodge durango
you don`t wanna test this
Fuck around and get stranggled
till they leave you breathless busted
ya must have a death wish
ya got heart
but don`t get it cardiac arrested
It`s to late for retractin ya`ll statements
ya`ll mutha fuckas done wore out my patients
On my momma I`m a make sure ya hood gets rolled on
More than some triple-gold-daytons
Nigga you don`t know what you facein
Up and tied in the ups
take a dance on the x-side
With mad men and they medalions
even all funny style niggas with a trail
get they neck tied

We got a price on ya head
Baller Niggaz wanna see ya dead
It`s a fifty g contract
I don`t know what you did
But they wanna kill you ya wife
And ya kids On contact

We got a price on ya head
Baller Niggaz wanna see ya dead
It`s a fifty g contract
I don`t know what you did
But they wanna kill you ya wife
And ya kids Mortal kombat

[Verse Two]
Take you outta the game
cause you a rookie makin mastakes
you`ll fumble the ball 4th quarter down seven
infiltrated ya game
workin for the state
lookin for dirt
But all ya shookin ass found was seven
desintergrated ya brain
Me and Dot-Dog crumpled them all
Like a 6 pointer earth quake
bent you outta shape
stapped a fifty pound weight to his chest plate
dummped his fake ass in the lake
Sleepin with the fishes
Cause me and my niggas get vicous
and hittin it with us
is impliable to bullets and bitches
Have ya momma visitin the hospital
trama center where ya delayin-ma fittles
I`m soon to be layin in bed
body bruised green purple to red
like a bag of skittles
and i`ma pack a little 380
creep into the room
infa beam circle on ya head
boy now ya dead
time to creamate em
seen photo
I`ma blow up ya stomach for nine months
Rosemary baby stab but up out ya guts
hear his mom screamin
mia fyral gave birth to my demon
I was ment to be a fyrl screamin
callin all mad men
if we deeper than the pack 10
packin mack 10`s
x-raided for life
and nigga ya life is in danger
based on a true story
niggaz wanna hang your wife
feds find a corpse in a two story building
no head no hands
ain`t no checkin dental records
or the the finger prints
as for Identifyin the body there ain`t no chance
got the cops shot
leavin niggas propped up
in fucked up positions
like dean koonts hide away
I`m a psyco and my motto is
all of ya bitch niggaz gotta die today
I`m takin off whereever I go
If you in the car with me
then you`d betta have a gat and a mask
ain`t no tellin when we have to blast
homicide at the crime scene pickin up the aftermath
i`ma forever gonna be after cash
thats why i`m at that ass
you wanted dead or alive
first man with ya head get the prize
if we kick down the door and catch you in the bed
don`t be surprised
we gotta price on the head
baller niggaz wanna see ya dead
it`s a contract worth fifty g`s
every killa in the town lookin for ya
with murder on they mind
a nine milla and a fifty to squeezee
niggaz wanna gun ya down
I don`t know what ya done but it was major
my nigga hit me on the pager
you been indited
every single body in the town know about it

Chorus: repeat to end
X Raided - Mortal Kombat

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X Raided - Mortal Kombat

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