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Xzibit - Missin` U

Видеоклип к песне Missin` U - Xzibit

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Xzibit - Missin` U

Текст песни: Xzibit - Missin` U

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Xzibit - Missin` U

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This for you (uh) there ain`t one day that go by
where I don`t think about you (yeah)
This for my mother, Rest In Peace (uh)
To you and yours (yeah) Ride with me (uh)
Come on

[Verse 1]
I know you watching me, guiding me
I know from up there it`s like you watching `Menace to Society`
Listen you was thirty-two I was only nine
But I`ve learned so much with so little time
Now I`m surrounded by the best of my kind
We put it all together, couldn`t waist your pearls on Swine ma
You taught me better
You can`t protect me or expect me to not struggle n fight
Cause see death is a part of life
What I wouldn`t give for 1 more day wit you
One last embrace n face to face wit you
Explain everything that made me what I am a grown man
From the ground up with my own hands
Will I forget you? Neva
Down right angry sometimes that we ain`t here together
You can feel your roots and see how strong we are
Who would`ve thought we could get this far, damn I miss you

[Chorus: Andre Wilson]
Even though I know it`s been tough
I can`t stress enough no matter what - mama I love you
You`ve always been there by my side
You`ve taught the wrong from the right - mama I love you

[Verse 2]
Yesterday was you fifty-ninth birthday
Time flew missing you in the worst way
I still feel the same pain since the first day
You left through death on God`s request
I can`t complain through the year`s mama I`ve been stressed
Through them bullets and the bad times I`ve been blessed
For the times that I fail but I tried my best
Able to do for my loved one`s, real success
Your the source of my strength I was blessed with your gifts
Your insights, your wisdom, your penmanship
Fun n games, I`m doing thangs, I know you wouldn`t agree with
What I drink, what I smoke, who I be with
You made sure I got some love when there wasn`t none
Opened up my heart showed the world where I`m coming from
Your little grandson is just like your little boy
Mama what you built here no man can ever destroy, your bundle of joy
I`ve been through so much
I lose touch and sometimes I feel that life sucks
My women try to get close I push here away
She wanna talk I just sit there with nothing to say
Feel me its all the pain I contain on the inside
You in the right place but left me at the wrong time
Use to cook, clean, and sing me to sleep
Now I only go to bed with my heat, damn I miss you


[Verse 3]
The school of hard knocks where I learned life`s lessons
With not enough answers and too many questions
When you had me you gave birth to a soldier
Now I`m much older now the world much colder
Our lives in the hands of politicians that don`t care
We ponds in the game biological warfare
The family`s so spread out n disconnected
Trying to hold things together put my soul on records
It`s hard; you know your daughter had a baby too
A beautiful baby girl just another little piece of you
Another branch we can add to the family tree
Responsibility bringing out the man in me
You ain`t a man if your not taking care of home
Raise and protect my own, until they full-grown
No matter how much these streets try to change me
I`m never `gon forget how you raised me
I Love You, Forever.


[Ad Libs]
Yeah, all the mothers, all the daughters, yeah, come on
Sun, Moon, Earth, yeah, this for you, uh, Damn, Damn I Miss You
Xzibit - Missin` U

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Xzibit - Missin` U

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