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Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

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Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

Текст песни: Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

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Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

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[LL Cool J]
It`s one in the mornin - you know what time it is!
It`s one in the mornin
It`s one in the mornin - you gonna have come out your clothes on this one
It`s one in the mornin

Yeah I`m still at it, the microphone addict
You get your dome splattered, cause homey will not have it
Your ashes get scattered across the Atlantic
For actin like you a teenage chick with her bra padded
You might laugh at it, but if you do the knowledge
It`s really a tad tragic how they runnin through they cabbage
You know my track record, L battle like a savage
I think and grow rich, that gives me the advantage
Uncle LL, I got product for sale
So I can bail Al Sharpton out of jail
Somebody gotta do it, somebody in the black community
gotta get this money while y`all march for unity
So march on, I`ma get my Bentley park on
Then get my dogs a platform to bark on
The realest brother, you Nicole Kidman, one of `The Others`
Children shiverin under the covers
The man in black, the tilted Fedora hat
I`m bringin it raw, you never want your money back
I`m focused baby, livin like a quarterback
Playin in the wishbone, L keep options black
Systematically, burn you like calories
Watch your mouth, go earn your lil` salary
I`m a classic like Nike Airs and Wallabees
You could catch it like the flu, homey follow me

It`s one in the mornin - flash the dough
It`s one in the mornin - crack the Mo`
It`s one in the mornin - get on the flo`
It`s one in the mornin - who wanna go?

[LL Cool J]
That`s right Sleeping Beauty, wake up see the light
That Tylenol PM got you caught for your BM
Everybody can see I`m the king of rippin coliseums
C`mon, youse a male groupie beggin for per diem
A fruitcake laid out in the masoleum
I`m the richest man in Babylon, nobody could see him
Money`s my slave, it do what I say
It cry for me, like Denzel in "Glory"
But I broke the cycle, no more poverty
I wonder if you hatin on the low - probably!
But cats know I`m real, I keep `em on they heels
Damn! Look at my body, coulda been a Navy Seal
But you lack the discipline to do what I do
Reinvention, I`m in the 11th dimension
I`m a value stock pop, get it while it`s hot
Cause once I blow, I`ma split and that`s it

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo E it`s one o`clock
Time to get one and bounce baby
It`s time to get one and bounce, you know what time it is

Your honor, last week he punched me in my face
I want twenty million, you know he liftin weights
Last week, me and the President was takin flicks
Last week, my video dropped and you was sick
Last week, I copped my lil` shorty some kicks
that cost 29 hundred, homey you don`t want it
My ears stay flooded like your man stay blunted
My American Express is Black, I`m at the Summit
The Benjamin Grier of Def Jam, y`all know
My po`tfolio was sicker than polio
For real God is good, he took me out the hood
Got me livin in a mansion like a big boy should
And I never do Cribs, I ain`t gonna have y`all fruitcakes
knowin how I live, bed extra big
You sit around, run your mouth, POTbelly on the couch
Claimin you hot but honey what you wove out
When she alone, pump L, I make her bounce
You on the corner riskin your life to sell a ounce
Wish you was Pablo, lay in the carbo
With a chick named Margo who flew from Chicago
But no, in real life cats catch it
It`s not what you expected huh? Life kinda hectic huh?

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[LL Cool J]
Yeah yeah
It`s the definition
Definition potna, eleven in a row!

Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

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Ll Cool J - 1 in the Morning

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