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Ll Cool J - I Want You

Видеоклип к песне I Want You - Ll Cool J

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Ll Cool J - I Want You

Текст песни: Ll Cool J - I Want You

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Ll Cool J - I Want You

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(Intro: LL Cool J)
Look girl, I`m not gonna sing
cause I just don`t do that

(LL Cool J)
I see you in between class when my mind does a task
One glimpse of your eyes and my heart beats fast
A mysterious fantasy, lovely young queen
You`re poll so subtle just like the magazine
Come and visit my sister she`s in the livin` room
Eat doughnuts and milk, listen to a pop tune
Used to be my baby-sitter, I want you for my women
Without you girl, my life is bitter like a lemon
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
I day-dream of seeds girl when you pass by
I wonder what the future holds for you and I
I tell my friends favorite tales about me and you
My total devotion for you is true
See you get on the bus I trip as I get on
My body gets warm but my mind is torn
I admit you`re the queen of elegant
maybe I`m just another "puppy love lucids"
I will tell you straight up, not to load on a letter
Opportunity knocks, I feel I just better
dissapear out of sight, rejection is my fright
to me you`re like a drug-boy, easy red light
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
To weak or wreak I can`t speak I`m messin` up in school
Just to hear your name girl, it`s makes me drool
As you sing "Full Settle" on the college choir
My temperature level grows much higher
Spent a night over my house with my sister and friends
I wish you wouldn`t treat me like I`m your cousin
Your high-school year book under my pillow
You walk by my window, I see your silhou-ette
Candle light is what I desire
But all I get to do is fix your flat tyre
when you ring my bell, perfume I smell
The aroma pierces through my heart-cell
I tell you that my sisiter isn`t here today
You go away but I wish you`d stay
Yes girl, I`m twistin` around your finger
when you leave your perfume lingers
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
The clock tick-tocks as I lay in my bed
It`s visions of you circlin` through my head
I sip lemon, Ice-T, read a magazine
Wish we were involved in a sneaky love scene
Saturday night it`s time to party y`all
But an unseen force has my back for the wall
all eyes hit the door, red dress shines loud
The moment has come, my fantasys` here now
You sip Gin & Tonic with the double-hole straw
Finally I get the nerve to by you one more
The bar tender smirks, I whisper: "he`s a jerk"
I`m wearin` leather pants and a thirty dollar shit
Often usin` double mints, sit back, crack a smile
Tryin` to act like y`all relaxed and not a child
See I`m sixteen and you`re in college
Love is sweet, then please give me the knowledge
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
See it`s easy to detect a line that`s been said
What you don`t know is your the women I`ve wanted to get
for years and now I`m here sweet dear
Cool in the snow under a polar bear
I light your cigarette with a Raphel lighter
Your dress seems like it`s gettin` tighter and tighter
The ice cubes` melt, the heat is felt
The cards` on the table and my deal is dealt
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
I had to subsequent my soul, cowardness kept a hold on me
And the key was analysed on my role as a man
To instigate romance not break down and cry
when you ask for a dance
Some fellas talk to her but she walks by
She can only say no, it`s not do or die
like Bedstock, it`s natures` way
A sweet love story from LL Cool J
I want you, I want you

Ll Cool J - I Want You

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Ll Cool J - I Want You

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