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J-Live - The 4th 3rd

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J-Live - The 4th 3rd

Текст песни: J-Live - The 4th 3rd

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J-Live - The 4th 3rd

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Can`t even call this a blues song
It`s been so long
Neither one of us was wrong or anything like that
It seems like yesterday

In the silence of the city night
When the lonely watch the sky in yearning
I, at rest, lie in peace beside you
I searched a thousand skies before you came

[Verse 1]
For the 4th 3rd, I Chris Columbus three words from Stevie for the issue
The only thing to call it was official
The way I live for you was as if I die with you
Cause not a moment I spent with you was artifical
The plan from the dome was to build a home with you
Forever had a space in my heart, I roam with you
Hypothetical dreams conjure when I met you
See, years grew between us and stil I can`t forget you
Regretting how I ever let you let me let you escape fools paradise
Running from a paradox
Living like a pair of ducks, but with different flocks
With different destinations, our ships remain docked
Temporary, but the feelings that I harbor stil wade
In the holy waters that made our sweet lemonaid
Too dumb to persist, too smart to persuade
Too heavy to push aside and too stong to stay
Too hard to work and so easy to play
Like chopsticks, what I picked slipped away
Leaving me to recollect day by day
And take solace in the words Bill say

Memories take you back, to the good times
When it`s over and sad times disappear
Memories take you back
To the lean times, in between times
To the days of yesteryear
Memories are that way

[Verse 2]
Memories are that way, that way back to that way back
When I could never think of you and say "wack"
Similar to old cassettes, something to cuss at
Deteriorating with each rewind and playback
Even now, one of the hits I remenice
On this angelic face, reciplicating bliss
With the radio low, your feet anchored in mine
Hands to waistline, walking to a bassline
Good food in my belly, good love on my mind
Turn around to a kiss deep enough to stop time
Open up to a smile so bright, I go blind
To the suffering of the world, everything appears fine
Poetry in the bed, literally
You putting me open to Stephanie and Giovanni
With legs entwined, trading profound lines
Fingers and spines aligned, digging in your mind like it`s mine
Sometimes at night it seem so damn right
Just to shift nose to neck, just to get a whiff
I`ve never seen life like this, so life-like
This is how I`d like my life to subsist
But somewhere in between us were interpetations
Of justice and Jesus, cultures in said nations
But if I woulda knew what I know now, mighta never known how

Memories take you back, to the good times
When it`s over
I searched a thousand skies before you came
And in the morning, when the world is new
The lonely turn away, as I turn to you, beside me

[Verse 3]
The greatest story ever erased and never replaced
The worst torture ever I faced
Was trying to retrace the steps in my mind
Like a defeated surgeon fighting fate with the cure
Just a little too late
We went from "Yo, who`s that?" to "Hi, my name is Jay"
To hoping I would run into you in the hallway
To "That`s my homegirl, peace queen, how ya been?"
To "Lemme get your number, damn do I have a pen?"
From "May I speak to please, who`s this? to `Hey!`"
To hear the joy in your voice I call you every day
The VCR blue screen lit the dark room
Miles and Gil, "Quiet Nights" that was our tune
But fridays dates and saturdays prayer
Lead to sundays break-up, and mondays make-up
As just friends up until tuesdays wake up
Together again, in a cycle that never ends
My young heart coulda swore love transcends
But two turntables alone don`t make a blend
The tracks are too different for "ifs, buts and sos"
But if it`s so right?
Never mind, we both know
Sometimes I wonder if you married my replacement
Equally old with ideas adjacent
You build a whole nother story to your dream house
Kept my possessions in a box in the basement
I stil consider you a song bird, singing in the open cage
Guilded with fools gold, but that`s just me
There never be no animocity, I`m thankful for the memories
All I ask is that you remember me

In the silence of the city night
When the lonely watch the sky in yearning
I, at rest, lie in peace beside you
I searched a thousand skies before you came
And in the morning, when the world is new
The lonely turn away, as I turn to you, beside me
And in the quiet of the afternoon, when the lonely roam
I turn beside, and you are with me stil
I roamed a thousand miles before you came

J-Live - The 4th 3rd

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J-Live - The 4th 3rd

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