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J-Live - True School Anthem

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J-Live - True School Anthem

Текст песни: J-Live - True School Anthem

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J-Live - True School Anthem

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[Verse One]
Yo I rock shit like this to leave skid marks
The way a point blank unchained pit barks
Or like the wide open jaws of a black shark
I`m like the starts that make your kids wanna get Clarks
Cause now you see me now you don`t, first you feel me now you won`t
Feel nothing but detached from yourself
So when the mic was detached from my hand niggaz ran
Like the rifle was detached from the shelf
So when the crowd say you`re whack and you gots to go
Step back or end up in a hospital
You got three hits on who `bout to rock the show
Six foot God farmer growin` crops of flow

You better recognize just how we do (just how we do)
We let that hot shit simmer just for you (simmer just for you)
We bridge the gap between the old and new (between the old and new)
When I say what school is it y`all say true (y`all say true)

[Verse Two]
You make the call in this lyrical brawl one for all
All against one by one just for fun
No timeouts is called once my game`s begun
Cause if skills are raw then rhymes are well-done
Son, who`s the devil in the landslide?
Tryin` to maintain when names don`t amount to a shit stain
You could roll deeper than Farrakhan it`s still on
J turns that ambush into that marathon
Cause if mad heads was dere then mad heads was pet
Cause mad heads could fly yo, mad heads could jet
The stage is set and you drown in your own sweat
There`s no point in getting upset cause my shit`s not done yet
Just pray to God I be due by sunset
I`m liver than electrical outlets when wet
It might be time left to place one bet
On just how bad the ? regret their threats
You swing hits like the Mets well I`ll be, the whole fucking MLB
So tell me why let your dog loose if you scared to sick `em?
Would be suspects make the best victims


[Verse Three]
So yo how amped am I?
Got muthafuckers askin how damp am I for sweatin` J LI
VE add an R by all my rhymes that fly
Median in my third eye if I lie
That`s why would mean battling this fuckin` with that pussy MC
Whose whack rhymes are a STD
Cause if a dope rhyme`s a jim hat
I run through more Trojans than Notre Dame fullbacks at USC
So what`s the weather like? all of the above would be caused by me
Cause year round I`m down for put it on ya
They wanted me to fall but instead I went ta
Spring, summer, these all season flavors upon ya
I`m comin` through to warn ya or you`re a ? goner
Those who sleep better realize how steep the first step to fucking with me
Happens to be, extra steady claming how that can never happen to me
But steadily makin` empty threats trying to gas me
With gun talk when rhymes remain unleaded
And my tank`s not empty yet
Whoever thought had a Microsoft Word lets you curse or press edit
And scroll down to undo rhyme go to file
hit save and quit cause you ain`t printin` shit
Matter fact if you don`t take them disses off your disk
I`m a download a virus and crash your whole system

[Chorus 3x]

J-Live - True School Anthem

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J-Live - True School Anthem

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