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J-Live - The Lyricist

Видеоклип к песне The Lyricist - J-Live

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J-Live - The Lyricist

Текст песни: J-Live - The Lyricist

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J-Live - The Lyricist

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[Verse 1]
Dear diary, here I be droppin` some shit
But not journals and memoirs, lines and bars
I stretch my hands out to reach for the stars
I`m makin` plans now to live on Mars
Cause I got Earth on lock
See my mind is like a muse to a paper
Cause I`m used to a paper-drawn blank
Till it`s got me to think
And I just dip it in my think tank
Fill it with anger and
Run straight through the lines cause I can`t be stopped
And pose my will on words even if they won`t
For example I make words rhyme even when they don`t
With the ample vocabulary even with the quote
I make it mind on mind till I`m done with it
Cause I had fun with it
Pick it up and run with it
Score it and spike it and
Don`t take a second to figure out you like it
And if you think you can find a match then strike it
It won`t ignite, cause it can`t fill my Nikes
With the man made lake and the dam and the dyke
And the canal it still can`t float quite like
This natural feel brake your move make it night
Cause my mic sound right even when I write like this

[Verse 2]
I get up in the zone like a super saiyan
Sayin` sayin` sayin` sayin` super humans
Wan to say them over drunk n` sober
Mere mortals make a mission out of mixin` me
With masterpieces just so they can bring them home and play them over
I dip into theory till I catch their theory, it`s scarier then waiting to exhale
You must know by the time I tap keys,
With relative ease I`ll be contemplating my next tale
I stay steps ahead thinkin` about the reps ahead
By the time you cluin` in it`s your rep I`m movin` in
It`s like a double ban both side screwin` in
Your foot in your mouth and my foot in your rear end
I wanna get to the point where I don`t gotta to crush the competition
Just because they wanna see my style
I`m tryin` to get to the level where the rebel see the power of my empire
And decide wait a while

[Verse 3]
Let me explain, this is expository while they shut themselves out
To open arms and harms way shook by what dreams made
Force themselves upon pond screamin they pond
That`s why rappers run shallow and my ponds are far gone
Cool like cal gone just back from california and lands beyond
Lettin` foreigners hear my songs and back to spawn some more
Some on, some on, some lost, some in, some out, all in without a doubt
Some rise by sunrise, while some guys
Try to summarize those that walk in fall but can`t crawl
See I`m hip to a critic, cause they hypocritic
Its critical to what I`m kickin, just a little bit political
So consider this a PSA from USA to UK
Say what you wanna say
But if you wanna say what everybody else is gonna say
Just remember don`t play games with J

J-Live - The Lyricist

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J-Live - The Lyricist

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