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Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

Видеоклип к песне We Both Frontin` - Harlem World

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Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

Текст песни: Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

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Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

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I`m still lookin` at the game y`know (heh heh)
And I see that`s there`s a lotta niggas that`s just frontin`
Basically y`know I mean? Yo
Blinky Blink:
Yo I`m doing 150 wildin` (uh huh)
Headin` out the city island
I see this shorty with the pretty smile and (uh huh)
Pushing a Prelude `Hey you`
Diamond stud up in your navel
Actin` lika a course nine G`s (c`mon)
A real fine queen, eyes was light green (yeah)
And had a tattoo, written in Chinese
Only 25, spent her money wise
Work out everyday, I could tell by her tummy size
Baby $ta$e:
Damn you got some funny eyes
Yea, I blink a lot, drink a lot (mmm)
You could catch me at the rink a lot (uh huh)
But enough about me, ma, you look amazing
Are you Haitian?
I`m half that and half Asian, my name is Raven, live in New Haven
Til I find the right man, my virginity, I`m savin` (uh huh)
The things I was saying, honey, might be blazin`
I took her to the Days Inn, of course
She gave in (c`mon)
No disrespect, you look nice and shit (I know)
But I ain`t really tryin` to price your shit (yea, yea, so stop)
I`m sayin` I like that Platinum on your wrist
But why isn`t there no ice in this?
Same reason why, baby girl, that I ain`t your hair (motherfuck, you
You the same one rockin` your home girl`s gear (oh no boo, this was
In fact, why you tryin` to hate on me?
Cuz we both frontin`, basically, ya heard? (Basically?)
Uhh, uhh
I be that slick thug, see me in the strip club (yea)
With Dominican chicks, about to get my dick rubbed (uh huh)
Shit, bug, how I lay up and sip Bub
You could front if you want, lay in puddles of thick blood (c`mon)
Cuz I get love, yeah, wherever I go
And I die for my niggas, but never no ho
So you know that the life I lead is twice your speed
The brown skin mami, that`s the wife I need (uh huh)
Light that weed, front, nigga, just might bleed
I might just sqeeze, matter of fact I might just leave
Cuz I don`t need her, ho that drink Moet by the liter
If you don`t like me, I ain`t fillin` your ass neither (haha)
I need a true diva, pushin` a two-seater (yea)
That`s so right, let my wife, my crew meet her
In other words, I need a chick off the meter
The type that wild out when I eat her (c`mon)
Huddy Combs:
Hey, yo, Huddy, ya heard? In the door (heyyyy)
Waiter, give me four (heyyyy)
Bitches they adore (heyyyy)
>From here to Wichatah (heyyyy)
I`m a jiggy cat, baggy jeans with fitted hats (uh huh)
Where my niggas at? At the bar, where titties at
You know I spent dough, get in clubs with Indo
And bet my shit blow like a block on Crenshaw
I`m poppin` Cris, ho (uh huh)
While you sippin` on Sisqo, I`m at the disco
Reminiscin` on `Frisco
And this go to honeys who be knowin` your name, knowing your fame
Know you rockin` Rolley and chain
But it don`t stop, so get-it get-it
The Huddy hit-it hit-it (uh HUH)
She saw my ice, she was really wit-it
She wanna settle down, be committed (yea)
She saw the drop with the TVs in it
Shit, I gotta pay this ho a visit
Oh no, BooBoo
You gonna be payin` (what) anything over here except the rent (c`mon)
Yeah, you know you wanna be over here
Fake ass

Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

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Harlem World - We Both Frontin`

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