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E 40 - Ring It

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E 40 - Ring It

Текст песни: E 40 - Ring It

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E 40 - Ring It

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[Featuring SPice 1 Keek Tha Sneak Harm]
(Forty Fonzarelli`s answering machine)
Aight what`s really? You hit my lifer number
This Sick Wid It/Jive Records
Leave your message at the beep *BEEP*
Hah! Mmmhmmm. Yeah uhh... on my pager!
What you say? Oh yeah. Kick that shit then nigga!
Verse One: Keek tha Sneak E 40 Spice 1
Higher than a bird off that herb in the O A K
Off on perv parked on curb rollin up a vay
Licked it three times, laced it with the Alize
About twomp a day, baby hit me frequent-lay!
Sneak, and Forty, from chocolate short-ay, we been
all prepared, cause my nights is no day, the broad say
I last! Cause you six months
But I say, she pullin a gang of major stunts
Bust, bust niggaz, consequences when you`re doin the do
Fuck around and get caught up in a catch twenty-two
In the area! Dirt and dust
Where the yah! B.A. Plus
But ain`t yo sista Suga-T? (Suga-T)
Ain`t you the one that say Sprinkle Me (Sprinkle Me)
I loves me some Forty-Ridah
I seen you up in 2Pac`s video poppin your collar
I play this playa shit like Bugs Bunny
Ain`t no cartoon figure nigga I makes money, ain`t nuttin funny
If you`re ever in some funk, call your potnah on the cell
and leave one-eighty-seven, at the end of the number
B-uh-Benzy on Washington, on the cellular phone
You could tell that the Easy Bay was his home
My people goin off like a high school build`
And all my money in stacks, and all my pockets on swell
M-uh-mobbin like a playa, but I`m still a G doe
Pager goin off like C-3PO
Time for the Hurricane, E said word
I put a nigga on his back, fuck what you heard
Chorus: repeat 2X
If it`s major, hit me on my pager
Rang it, ring it, rang it, ring it, ring my telephone, ring my
Verse Two: E-40, Harm
I be so rebel-yalous
When I`m talkin on my phone-telyalous
You can have my baitch, but I maintain
I chop it up as a loss and charge it to the game
She said you must be playin some kind of phone tag
Cause erytime I hit you, you don`t hit me back
Why is dat? Cause you`re hella hard to get in contact with
Thought you thought, was killin big girl was crackin on some crabs
Six o`clock, the girl said that`s my crib be at the West plus
due to go, left me at home be leavin my ass up in the living room all
And I be starvin rubbin my monkey fiendin for some Donkey Kong
Now you`re talkin, let`s get the show on the road
I know you`re tired of barkin, you need to hop on my load
So we can stab out, strike rock and Arroyo Park
at the top of hill, so I can check your oil
I said ah one to the two ah two to two three
Tell me why your baby momma keep on pagin me
I didn`t give the hoe the number, so why does she call
She says she wanna do me, and all of y`all
But I`m like that nigga on The Mack, I don`t want the honey
I want the money some of you niggaz is funny style and meanwhile
I`m sellin my piece to these tricks cause it`s the paperchase
laced with game, see I`m livin in the hustlers dream
Call up a player if it`s major
Specially if it`s scrilla nigga hit me on my pager
Verse Three: Sneak, E-40
Rang it, baby gimme a call
My name you`re screamin, how I be hittin them walls
You got me tinglin, how you be workin them drawers
With a kiss I make em all say this, yeah that`s raw
I glance your cut, bass we uhh, big cheeks
with a blast headin straight for the nut, big A&H
got some bitches all in the cut, it`s that season
Drop my number to the hoe to hit me up
Yo, you`re nine-one-oneing me to death, what`s all that fo`
Got my Williams and fillin my pager and pager on the overflo`
What`s happenin with all that old bullshit
is it really all that damn serious
You`re draining the hell out of my battery
got your partner thinkin curious
Cause in the Y-E-A A-R-E-A the game ain`t constipated
Buckin around in the Golden State where the game originated
Fools be scandalous they used to be squares be turnin vicious
Hit me on pager, hit me if it`s major
Chorus 2X
E 40 - Ring It

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E 40 - Ring It

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