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B Legit - Neva Bite

Видеоклип к песне Neva Bite - B Legit

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B Legit - Neva Bite

Текст песни: B Legit - Neva Bite

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B Legit - Neva Bite

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[Featuring Kaveo]
Yeah, now this is here is something that you never ever in life do
You know
It goes down in my click the dogs they all simmer
At the same time , 96 to the hard top brandy wine
Gettin` mine in a big fashion
11 pounds in the back of the Volvo wagon
Money long like the perm on the superbad
And hella fools in the game is all what you had
Mail, the brew, it got me evil wit the 6
So I`m riding wit my peepers
I`m on the block and the new booties don`t know me
Coming through buyin` 50 sacks from the homie
I`m on the cony, mug got `em in suspense
Peace sign cause they peep my gauge on the fence
Common sense if you niggas had a little of it
And didn`t know me, your ass in the middle of it
You understand that I`m the man that`ll bleed ya
Never bite the hand that feed ya
Now you see, some of you niggas is in it for the glory
And not for the story
Never bit the hand that feed ya
So we gone hang out these nuts and teach you new bucks how to ...
Never bite the hand that feed ya
And at the same time crease your brain wit a heavy start to this game
Never bit the hand that feed ya
Cause shit don`t quit, we know the poplockin` mix 17 for the twix
It`s for the scrilla, love to count the notes
Me and my folks landcruise to the boat then we all smoke
Vegas, on the Sega we chopping game
And they tell me fool talkin bad on my name
Claim he the one that made a nigga all his paper
And if you quit than it ain`t no B-Legit
Heard the shit and I was quik to cut his ass off
Shit it did it first time that you took a loss
But I didn`t matter fact, I let you breathe
But you ain`t nathen but a trick up a nigga sleeve
I charge a high price, I said the shit was ice
Candy clean but I sold you a dream
And than you think I`m the one to get over on
Don`t let me catch you comin` in and out a nigga`s zone
Cause Imma buck ya, fuck ya, I don`t need ya
Never bite the hand that feed ya
You lame motherfucker
Boy don`t you know I got enough blow to make it snow
Never bite the hand that feed ya
Cause Snowwhite is the flavor they save up here neighbour
Never bite the hand that feed ya
So don`t you driwwle that swiwwle round here, nigga
Never bite the hand that feed ya
And if ya thinkin` about breathin` Imma keep feedin` and uuuh
Never bit the hand that feed ya
Now I done been around the world once or twice
In every state I done seem to escape vice
Knock bitches and peel the head of a ...
And baby girl got a ass just like her mama
And what would it take to get your ass out to Cali
Where niggas knock dubs off in the alley
A plane ticket, roundtrip to the Bay
A rental car and a cool ass place to stay
Now where you lay, I consider that my under spot
So don`t tell a soul cause I don`t want it hot
The first year she got she was out makin` friends
And when she really need to be out makin` endz
A close folk, shit got cut short
So get your thangs, bitch you headed for the airport
And it`s a shame I ain`t even get a chance to spread ya
But you bit the hand that fed ya
Bitch, how many niggas on my team can get ate
For a trip to the Golden State
Never bite the hand that feed ya
Hoe, it could be kosher, as long as my mail is in motion
Never bite the hand that feed ya
This ain`t true to there so beware
Cause Imma run ya till ya pay ya fare
Never bite the hand thad feed ya
And if you can`t find yourself or loose yourself
On the next thang
Cause Imma keep my composure and stay high on this dohja
Ain`t no sweat of my back cause the tramp played her self like a batch
And if you think I ... Imma show you what a mack look like
B Legit - Neva Bite

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B Legit - Neva Bite

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