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B Legit - For So Long

Видеоклип к песне For So Long - B Legit

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B Legit - For So Long

Текст песни: B Legit - For So Long

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B Legit - For So Long

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So much mail I can hardly spend it
VS lumps in my rolex pendent
Shit been spending for the past ten years
Face done escaped all tatooed tears
I guess I can only thank the Lord for that
`Cuz shit was gettin` hectice tryin` to get my scratch
If it wasn`t them one time penelopes
It was coward ass niggaz tryin` to take my G`s
When I first started out I was broke as a bitch
Grew up in the slums wouldn`t trade it for shit
`Cuz the niggaz that was rich when I was poor
Is now on blow and comin` through buyin fat 2-0
See they spend it with me
But pretendin` to be
On the grind
Tryin` to get a stack like mine
But now I`m knowin`
Pockets growin`
And when it`s snowin`
Yo` nigga can`t lie I was livin` it up
The rule of big pimpin` now my `70 Cut`
I probably hit the park drinkin on Bo`s berry
Slammin` Rick James `cuz I`m in love with Mary
You can`t be scary if you want your scrill
Pack you steel
Nigga kill at will
Guard your grille
`Cuz if you real
Then it`s on
I`m talkin` so long
Oh so long making my revi`s
So many playas comin` up in the game
And everybody got a sack of rock cocaine
Mobb car drivin`
Condo livin`
And every fuckin` day was just like Thanksgiving
The city where I`m from is getting so damn cold
Niggaz outta control
At 16 years old
Them young muthafuckas ain`t givin` a fuck
They tryin` to get a buck
And get some hair on their nuts
The savage ass grind starting takin` my mind
A nigga came through with all new tec-9`s
Semi-automatic with extended clips
A chopper every nigga down with my click
Neighborhood funkin`
Mail`s on slow
It`s barely comin` through
And all I`m sellin is O`s
I ride high performance when it gets like this
Electric everything, racing cam and kits
I`m livin` on the edge but I`m lovin` the high
I`m either goin` down or I`m goin` die
Hot ones echo through the geto limp
Put the tip out the window let the AK spit
They just caught my homey with a pound of crack
Plus the other day they said he robbed a bank
A million dollar bail in his Uncle`s own
All charges got dropped cuz it`s oh so long
Oh so long making my revi`s
My Momma must have prayed real hard for me
`Cuz I woke up in the mornin` wasn`t slanging no D
I was on my way out to the church to see
If the Lord could find a better way today for B
Read me some scriptures
Fed my soul
And I`ll tell you like this I ain`t slangin` no more
Your boys been blessed in so many ways
In the night and in the day and in His name I pray
Thanks for the Lexus, jewels, and home
Even though I can`t take `em with me when I`m gone
But Heaven is the place for Legitimate B
So when You come and get Your folks You comin` for me
Oh so long making my revi`s
B Legit - For So Long

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B Legit - For So Long

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